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Free Editing Tutorial Below Get A $194 Sound Effects Library FREE.
Wave & MP3 Recorder & Editor DAK Recording Wav Editor
If you can hear it you can record it. And you can edit it, mix it, extract it, rip it and burn it too. Record live from microphones & instruments. Grab the tracks you want from Live Streaming Internet Audio. Copy your LPs, 45s, 78s and cassettes so you can burn CDs. Learn Recording & Editing Tutorial included.
But, it's the EDITING & MIXING
. Make a mistake? Remove the offending Word(s) Notes Or Measures. Or remove AHs, UMs and HUHs easily. Easy Fade-Ins and Outs. MIX YOUR TRACKS. Paste from existing songs or mix several together. If you can type a letter in Word®, you can easily record and edit your music all for just $19.95. Or add the Optional Voice Over PRO & CD Burner, Tune Library Jukebox and more for just $5 & get $194 in Professional Sound Effects FREE  
Windows Vista, XP, ME, 2000 & 98 Compatible.
Easy Record, Edit & Mix - Live & Timed Record.
From The Internet, Microphone or Line In.

It's easy one touch Record and you can edit, separate tracks, do Voice Overs, and much more in just a snap. Do Fades & Edit down to 1/4 Second. Easy.
MP3 & Wave Recorder & Editor
Instant Download
Just $19.95 - ($0 P&H)
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5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it Just email cs@DAK.com and say Refund with 5 days.
MP3 & Wave Recorder & Editor
Plus Integrated CD Burner
Tune Library Jukebox
Voice Over PRO
Instant Download
Includes $194 Pro Sound Effects
Add $5 Just $24.95 - ($0 P&H)
Total Items In Your Cart Now: 0
5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it Just email cs@DAK.com and say Refund with 5 days.
LIVE Recording & Editing MOVIE DEMO Change "ISN'T Into IS"
FLASH - See new 'How-To' Instant Movies right here, right now. Easy-view Instant on-line movies. Just click and they play right on your web page. See how easy it is before you buy.

MOVIE 1.) Super Recording & Editing Tutorial. Learn How to Easily Turn ISN'T Into IS. It's fun & Fast. Edit anything yourself, this fast this easy. See The Movie
MOVIE 2.) Track Tracker Automatically separates your song or spoken word recordings into separate digital tracks. Unique & Fast. See The Movie
See The Tutorial.) You are getting more than 12 Programs. More than you ever dreamed. See how I take your hand and show you how to use them Step-By-Step See It
By Drew Kaplan
Click Record. If you can hear it, you can record it with DAK's new real time & Timed Recording MP3 & Wave Recorder & Editor.
You'll capture Live Recordings, copy LPs, 45s and cassettes or even streaming audio from the Internet. It's all CD quality perfect digital MP3 and/or Wave audio.
Recording is all instant and easy. But so is track splitting, editing out talking and applause adding or mixing in your own vocals and so much more.
The easy user friendly interface empowers you be an instant expert. And it's got to be the best value for $19.95 ever offered.
Let's explore some of what you can do. Oh, and it's a really exciting MP3 and Wave Player too.
Just look at the full graphic waveform of your music to the right. You can actually see and instantly select any parts you want to edit in the window.
Then, just click what you want to 'track split', remove, copy or alter. Or Mix your tracks, fade in or fade out, add echo or many other effects. It really super easy.

"The Wave MP3 Editor is great. and separating tracks is simple;"
A. F. Brooklyn, NY           >>> Click for more.

Click For Big Touchable Pictures

Recording is easy. Just click Record. Any program can do that. But the post-production easy editing is awesome. Here you can see that I've changed the word ISN'T to IS with just one Select and Delete. You can easily edit anything you record just this easily. So separate tracks, cut out or add measures or choruses or anything. Paste parts together, take out AHs, UHs, UMs and pauses. Now it's all easy.

Click To See Big Pictures

HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.  

Here's the problem. Normally when you copy an LP, cassette, or an hour of streaming Internet audio, unless you sit there and start and stop the source, it will be recorded in one long track. And that was hard to deal with.
Well, no more. Use the automated Track Tracker to Prefix Name, number and separate the tracks for you. In Short, Track splitting is no longer a problem.

Exclusive Variable Effects
Forget Limited Presets - Unmatched Control.

See It In Big Pictures. Click Here
Just Released Exclusive From DAK. In the past, you had to settle for limited system presets for most effects like echo, amplify, stretch (key and speed) & reverb.
Now you get infinitely variable sliders like this. Now you don't have to settle for 10% or 20% system presets. Choose EXACTLY HOW MUCH YOU WANT for instant, precise, total control of your music. It's an awesome difference in control.
Save Hours With Instant Preview
No Need To Apply, Check & Undo. Just Preview.
Up till now you had to choose an effect and how much you wanted of the effect. Then click apply and wait till your file or section was finished. Then if you didn't like it, hit Undo and start over.
Now, just click the Preset (on the slider screen above) and without closing it, just make changes and retry. Then Make more changes and Apply. Only when you are 100% thrilled do you click Apply. Now you can get the exact perfect results you want. And it's super, super fast.

The problem. Windows sorts all the tracks on your computer, in your MP3 player and when your burn CDs alphabetically.
That's not the order you want for your musicals, symphonies or any of your tracks to be in. For a musical, you want the overture as the first track.
For a symphony, you want the first movement. And for your favorite, folk, jazz or rock songs, you want your tracks in the order they were in on the CDs, LPs or cassettes.

Till now, this was an unfixable Windows problem. Now, when you EITHER rip a CD or open a group of files from your hard disk, the Preserve Track Tool will assign a number in front of the track name so that even when Windows sorts it, your track will stay in perfect order.
It looks like this:

01My Track Name
02My Track Name.
DAK puts your tracks in perfect order and keeps them there 1.) in your computer, 2.) when you copy your tracks to MP3 players and 3.) when you burn CDs. This is a major new breakthrough in Digital music enjoyment.

If you can hear it, you can record it
•Live Mic & Instrument Recording
•Mix Voices or Record Narrations over background music.
•Live Streaming Audio from the Internet
• Copy your LPs, Cassettes & Tapes to CD
• Direct-Copy and edit tracks from Regular Audio CDs
• Download and edit MP3s from the Internet.
• Much more. SEE BELOW.

"This program works unbelievably. The tutorials are not only easy, but very easy to use and follow.
It is obvious a lot of time has been put into this. Thanks for a great product"

K.F. Jacksonville, FL           >>> Click for more.

This is big. It's my pet peeve. I hate listening to artists talking between tracks. They tell their life stories, they tell jokes, they introduce the band and on and on and on.
I guess it's OK when it's live. It's fine the first time you hear an LP. After that it just drives me nuts.
Well no more, ever. Now it takes just a few clicks and all the talking all the long applause, and all the other annoyances can be gone.And best of all it's ridiculously easy to eliminate this scourge forever.

$$ SPECIAL SAVE 28% $$
Get DAK's Wave Editor/Recorder, and The Recording Equalizer. It's DAK's Software Suite.
It's a $41.90 value (here on the site) that's yours NOT FOR $41.90 but for just $29.90 when you get BOTH programs for an instant download together right now.

Click For Details

Side Note. This can be a real blast. By using these 'Zoom In' and 'Zoom Out' buttons, you can zoom in to even a single word in the dialog so you can make changes. Oh, the two arrows to the right of the 'Zoom Out button are the Undo And Redo buttons. So your not stuck with a choice you end up not liking. You have up to 99 levels of undo.
Save Time and control your music files. You an batch tag 10 or 100 MP3 files with Album, Artist,Year and more with just a click. No more tedious typing. You an apply effects like amplify, echo, reverb and more. You an convert Wav to MP3 and MP3 to Wave all automatically and in batches of 100 or 1000 tracks. It's all included in the new BATCH TRANSFOMER in the New Toolbox of the Editor.

New - Upgraded Software April 8, 2007
Set & Forget Timed Record
No more sitting around waiting. Got a 22-Minute LP? Got a 45-minute cassette? An hour program on the Internet? Just set Timed Record and forget it. No more baby-sitting. Now, it's all automated, easy and much more!

Instantly Print Song Lists
Print playlists of any tracks on your computer. Great for CDs, MP3 players and more. Great for CDs in the car too.

Click to read all about DAK's new Set & Forget Timed Recording and Instant PLaylist Printer.

It's a new included program. Just mark the blank spaces and watch the Track Tracker Program now included with the DAK Wave Editor/Recorder PRO automatically separate your tracks.
In just about 50 seconds for the side of an LP, it will take all the tracks and give them a prefix name like the title of the Album and automatically number each one. The Track Tracker is an amazing, Exclusive DAK innovation that makes separating tracks from LPs, cassettes and Internet recording a 1st time every time 100% effortless success.

Free Step-By-Step Tutorial eBook Guide
Included When You Order.
Download It Now With The Editor.

Your Questions Answered -
My Say.

Your Questions Asked -
Your Say.

MP3 & Wave Recorder & Editor
Instant Download
Just $19.95 - ($0 P&H)
Total Items In Your Cart Now: 0
5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it Just email cs@DAK.com and say Refund with 5 days.

MP3 & Wave Recorder & Editor
Plus Integrated CD Burner
Tune Library Jukebox
Voice Over PRO
Instant Download
Includes $194 Pro Sound Effects
Add $5 Just $24.95 - ($0 P&H)
Total Items In Your Cart Now: 0
5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it Just email cs@DAK.com and say Refund with 5 days.
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"Dear Drew,
It is true, the product is amazing as you have indicated.
The software takes all the pain out of editing the waveforms; just unbelievable.
R. B. Dayton, OH           >>> Click for more.

This is what I mean when I say if you can hear it you can record it. Any sounds that you hear coming from the Internet can be instantly and flawlessly recorded with most computer sound cards.
So Grab Those great tracks you hear on Internet radio as they are played. You're just one click from building a fabulously complete library of tracks for you to listen to on your computer, in your MP3 player or to burn to CD.
You're just one click from building yourself a terrific collection of all your favorite music. Of course only record where it's legally allowed.

Everyone has been asking for this. When you create a bunch of tracks, how do you easily rename the tracks without going through the tiresome Windows Rename process. Well, I've made it super easy.
First. When you are ripping, just click on the track number or name and type
over whatever is there. You can type over it whether it's just a track number or even when the program has found the track name for you automatically.
Second OK, so you've got a bunch of tracks on your hard drive and you want to rename them. Just load them in the Playlist Manager. Then highlight any track, click on Rename and type away into the box. It's just that easy.

All I can say is "Thank You!, Thank You!, Thank You!"
I have several hundred 45's from my high school days in the 60's that I could never part with.
Now, with your help, I have portability and they sound better than ever.
Thank again,"

D. W. Vancleave, MS           >>> Click for more.

No need to go looking for a folder with your tracks and then open the folder of your USB MP3 player. Just load the tracks you want in the Playlist Manager. Of course you'll want to have used preserver track order so that they will play in your MP3 player in the correct order. Then just choose Copy To Media and navigate to your USB MP3 player. That's it. You'll get a digital copy automatically into your USB attached MP3 Player.

OK let me explain. This is IN ADDITION to the Track Order Tool above. An M3U Playlist is an internationally used little bit of code that tells Window's jukeboxes like Windows Media Player, Musicmatch, Winamp and more to play certain tracks in a certain order.
What's neat is that it works automatically almost anywhere. So once you have a set of tracks with an M3U code snippet, you're all set.
Note 1:The Playlist Manager creates the snippet for you. Just name it. There's nothing you need to do. Then you'll see an Icon on your desktop or in a folder that you can click that will launch most default music players and you'll see all your tracks in the list played in the order that you want.

"Drew I LOVE the video and all your instructions i am 59 and even i can understand this. I have the DAK voice over recorder and my goodness.

We evangelize and i use it to play the music and learn it. I can play it over and over and over and then record myself singing it to make sure I'm in line with the back up singers. Hubby had to send a preaching tape and he found the service he wanted but had made a mistake on the chapter then quickly made the comment he forgot where he was at.

Well we didn't feel that was very professional enough to send so we deleted the whole mistake and comment to where he corrected the chapter. It's as if he never made a mistake. Its the best tool I have ever purchased . As well as extremely affordable.
T. H. New Concord, OH  >>> Click for more.


Note 2: You aren't restricted to one Playlist. You can have the same track in 10 Playlists if you like. So you can have a Playlist by artist, one by mood or anything. Just create the M3U file and you're all set. Your music will play just the tracks you want in just the order you selected.
Note 3: Our optional CD burner below will operate from your Preserved Playlist Order. So, once your tracks are set, you can even burn CD copies of them too.

Your Wave Editing Tutorial

Free Step-By-Step Tutorial eBook Guide
Included When You Order.
Instant Download It Now With The Editor.

Click To See The Online Version
It seems like I've received hundreds of emails asking me about how to actually use a wave editor and/or MP3 editor not just for recording, but for editing too.
So, I've written a tutorial that covers all the aspects of:

Recording Live From Microphones & The Internet.
Mixing Your voice over Other Voices Or Background Music.
Separating or Splitting Tracks
Removing Applause from between Tracks
Removing the incessant entertainer talking between tracks
Variable Length Fading In or Out, Intros and Exits
Managing your tracks.

Recording/Opening Direct From CDs
Adding Effects Like Echo, Flange & more
Playlist Manger Track Order Preserve
Ripping CDs by name and in Preserved Order
Converting Waves to MP3s and MP3s to Waves
Normalize Tracks so the are all the same volume.
Lots More

Check It out. You'll see how to do it all, step-by-step. And oh will you love listening to your music once it's digital. Wow! It's a whole new world. Enjoy. And let me know what you think.
. . .Drew

Click To Visit The Recording & Editing Tutorial.


Important Note: It's really easy to use. Just click Record to record and Stop to stop.
But if you want to click a few more buttons, I think you'll fine an unmatched ability to record, mix and enhance your music equal to or exceeding many traditional recording studios.
You really do have Broadcast Quality Digital Recording plus the bells and whistles you'd expect in a recording professional recording studio right here on your computer. Check out some of what you can do.
  1. It automatically prints any tracks you've loaded in the playlist. Load a file, a folder or more. Print it and take it with you in your car or for your MP3 player.
    PRINT TRACKS FROM ANYWHERE ON YOUR COMPUTER. This is big. Sure using your burner software you can often print a track list when you burn a CD. But there's been almost no way to print a track list for the tracks you keep on your computer or load into an MP3 player.
    And, with several hundred tracks going into an MP3 player these days, how will you ever know what you have?
    Now just load the tracks in the Playlist Manager. Click Print and you'll instantly have the entire list in Window's Notepad.
    You'll really appreciate the printed tracks. I now carry printed track lists in the car for my 12-disc changer and in my brief case for my MP3 player. Plus it's great to have on my computer so I can instantly search it to see where a particular song is located. This is a great tool.

  2. Track Tracker Built - In Automated Track Separation Program - Instantly and effortlessly turn your recorded side of an LP, Cassette, Open Reel tapes or an hour of Internet Streaming Audio into individual numbered tracks. Automatically put them in a folder and give them a common prefix so you'll always know what they are. It's a new, fast, easy to use technological breakthrough that's now built into the new DAK Wave Editor Pro.

  3. It automatically records, numbers your tracks and puts them in the folder of your choice. Internet Recording was never so easy.
    Song Stalker Program - This is the Holy Grail of recording. Get separated tracks as you actually record from the Internet. And the Song Stalker is the best of the best I've seen. As you record and as the Song Stalker sees the silence between tracks, it automatically closes each track it's recording and begins a new track.

    Plus the Song Stalker will automatically save your tracks in the folder of your choice and not only does the Song Stalker automatically number the tracks for you, but it lets you assign a prefix name so you'll easily and effortlessly know what you've recorded and where it is. It's actually a separate program that's now built into new DAK Wave & MP3 Editor/Recorder Pro.

  4. Fade In - Fade Out - Just highlight an area and click Fade In+ or Fade Out-. The selected area will go from whatever volume it was at, to Zero or from Zero to full. IMPORTANT. You can do a 1 second or 10 second fade, or anywhere in between. It's easy. Now you can have perfect smooth intros and exits. It's just a click away.

    "Dear Drew,
    It is true, the product is amazing as you have indicated.
    The software takes all the pain out of editing the waveforms; just unbelievable.
    R. B. Dayton, OH           >>> Click for more.

  5. Name & Rename Tracks Instantly- Just open any track MP3 or Wav in the Playlist Manger. You're once click away from altering it, renaming it or doing anything you want.

  6. Infinite Zoom - Click Zoom+ to zoom in. You can zoom in in steps so that you
    Zoom in as deep as you want. Down to 1/100th of a word
    can see even 1/100th of a word, a pause, an UM, AH or UH. You can zoom out to see the entire file in the Wave Windows. You can also scroll through the entire file at any Zoom level. Great for editing.

  7. Unlimited Undo - Don't be afraid to try anything. Just click the undo to go back.
    Undo and Redo make your efforts mistake-proof.
    Even if you've gone 99 steps, you can Undo back to where you were. Plus, if you want to compare, you can click Redo to compare what you've done again.

  8. Effects - Add special effects. Just click Vibrato, Stretch+, Stretch-, Flanger, or more to further adjust the sounds you have recorded. You can Invert the sound or Reverse it and hear it backward. So, you can actually create interesting sound effects just with your voice and the Editor Effects.

  9. Add Silence - Need a few extra seconds of silence between two words? a paragraph? tracks? Want to create a track in a spoken book tape where one didn't exist before? No problem. Click Insert Silence. With the Variable Slider, you'll insert the exact amount you want in any location.

  10. New DAK Voice Over PRO. Sound On Sound Recording - Do you sing? You can be a soloist, a duet, a trio
    Easy voice overs and sound on sound recordings are easy with Voice Over PRO.
    or a whole choir. Heck you can just about be the Mormon Tabernacle choir if you choose. Just use Voice Over PRO.

    You actually have 3 Wave Editors. Load your background music, effects or voices in Editor 1. Then Load more in Editor 2 if you like.

    Then WHILE YOU PLAY 1 and/or 2 record your new tracks in Editor 3. If you like the result, click the mixer button and Voice Over PRO will mix the tracks into 1 set of stereo tracks you can burn to CD or have as an MP3 File. If you don't like the result, then just do it again. You only need to mix and create the final mix down when you are 100% thrilled with the results. Voice Over PRO is an included program in the Toolbox of the Advanced Editor only.

  11. Batch Convert MP3 To Wave Or Wave to MP3 Or Both. -
    You can batch convert from MP3 to Wave or from Wave to MP3 and set the bitrate and frequency too. Covert 1 file or 100 at a time. Now, it's easy.
    It's easy to convert back and forth. You can save any file as a Wave (that's the standard format for audio CDs) or as an MP3. That's easy. Or open the special Batch Converter (It's in the Toolbox Menu) & convert hundreds of Waves to MP3s or MP3s to Waves. You're just a click away. In short, you'll have perfect recordings and fast, easy conversions every time.

    Plus This is the BATCH TRANSFORMER. It also gives you the power to Tag a batch of MP3 tags so you don't have to do it manually. You just fill in Album Name, Artist Name, Genre and let the program set all your tags. Plus Rename files and batch apply effects to your files all at on time. Add echo, amplify, or most effects to 100 files at a time.

  12. Direct Open CD Music Tracks. OK, this is hot. Up
    Now you can DIRECT OPEN Any Track From Any CD. Just click.
    till now you needed to get a CD Ripper to transfer music tracks from your CDs to your computer so you could copy them or edit them. Now we've added Direct Open.

    So you can simply go to any audio CD and Directly Open, Copy and Edit any track on any CD. I've never seen this in a Wave Editor Before. It makes it really easy to take the track you want and edit it the way you want to. Great for dance or gymnastic routines where you need to add or subtract a few seconds from a song.

  13. Dialog
    It's easy to add overlays and new content to your music. Read all about it.
    Interview & Narration Mixing - Choose your background music or sound track. Then choose the Mix from File Insert Command to mix your voice that you've already recorded on top of some background music. Or to insert your voice or music without mixing, like a new measure, paragraph or word, choose Paste or Paste From File. It's all instantly easy.

  14. Meeting/Presentations/LP/Cassette LENGTH TIMER. - Yes, it's a SET & FORGET recording timer so you can concentrate on your music or narration, not on getting back to your computer to stop the recording. Just select any time you want. 1 hr for a meeting, 30 minutes for the side of a cassette. Or anything from 2 minutes to 3 hours and your digital recording will automatically stop recording for you. It's great for recording, or if you're running a meeting yourself, now you really can be in 2 places at once.
    Use the count down timer for recording for a set time or the 1 event schedule timer for catching that broadcast when you are asleep or at work.

  15. Meetings, Presentation, Streaming Audio SCHEDULE TIMER - Now you can totally automate the recording process. Want to record a meeting between 8 and 10 tonight? No problem. Want to catch that radio show at noon? A Broadcast at 2AM? No problem again. Just use the SET AND FORGET schedule timer and whatever you want to record will be automatically recorded for you and waiting for you when you get back to your computer. Again, if you have a meeting you're recording from 10 to 11, then just set the Schedule timer and just like a VCR, it will start and stop recording automatically.

  16. Amplify Tracks - What if a track, part of a track or just one channel isn't balanced or isn't loud enough? Easy Click Amplify and it will be digitally amplified. You also have -Amplify to reduce any selected area's volume. Both have DAK's Exclusive Infinite Sliders to give you precise 1% increment control.

  17. Add Echo, Change Pitch, Slow Down & Speed Listen without changing Pitch - Want to broaden voices with Delay? Click Delay to add fullness. Listen to 30 minutes in 15 or 15 in 30 or anywhere in between without changing pitch. Or change pitch in 1% increments with DAK's Exclusive infinite slider controls. Plus lots more effects to choose from in the Operation/Advanced tab.

  18. Just play any 78 at 45 RPM and the new converter will record & play it perfectly.
    Got 78s? VIRTUAL 78 RPM Built In Turntable - It's New. It's easy. Just play your 78s on any 45 RPM turntable and then use the 78 RPM converter built into DAK's new Wave & MP3 Recorder & Editor that's included with the system. The results are remarkable. You'll be astounded by the quality of the music from your 78s. This isn't a compromise. You won't hear any loss. The algorithms in the Wave Editor electronically correct the speed. In side by side trials we've been able to hear no difference.

  19. Normalize Track Volumes - What if you've recorded tracks from different sources and the volume isn't the same. It's such a pain to sit at the volume control of your CD player while you drive constantly turning it up and down. Just check Normalize in the Batch Transformer and all the tracks will be about the same volume Whew that's better.

  20. Paste From File - Copy and Pasting is fully supported. You can Copy and Paste normally from one section of the screen to another. You can copy from one 'instance' of the program to another. And you can Paste from an audio file by placing the cursor where you want to add the file and selecting Paste From File.

    "Man this is really great have done a few dozen records and a few old tapes. They actually sound better than the old originals!! All your tutorials are great,they sure make this easy."
    E. H. Squires, MO           >>> Click for more.

  21. Audio Filters - There are high, low and shelf filters and much more. But I'm running out of space here. Check out the Wave Editing Tutorial for more for much more.

  22. Edit/Alter One Channel - You can edit either channel separately or both together. You can apply any of the actions or filters above to one or both channels with a single click.

  23. Repeating Loop - What if you want to learn a foreign language, the notes to a song,
    Here's Infinity Play which lets you repeat any 'select' forever.
    or the lyrics to a song? My wife used this to practice the colors from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Just select the part you want and click the Loop (Play forever) Button. It will repeat with no pause forever. It's like standard repeat, but you can select any section in the file and have it repeat, not just a whole song.

  24. New Tune
    One click access to all your tracks is easy. Like channel surfing skip from song to song effortlessly. Sort by Album, Artist, Track Name and more.
    Library Jukebox- I love this. It's like channel surfing your tracks. Now we've added a powerful, sophisticated jukebox to play the tracks on your computer. What I like to do is load the tracks then pick a track from a musical, then a Kingston Trio track.

    Then a Limeliters track. Then another. Because every track is a separate digital file, you can skip from track to track with just a click or 2.

    So it really is like channel surfing all your favorite tracks. You can sort by Album, Track Name, Artist and more. Just click your choice. Set up playlists and save them too. Now your computer really can be the best music jukebox ever. And it's included with DAK's advanced version of our new Wave & MP3 Editor PRO.

  25. CD Ripper BY NAME With MP3 Tags. Just put in a CD, Launch the Ripper from the tools menu and you can rip any or all the tracks from the CD to either MP3 or Wave. And this is HOT. You can rip by Name and for Most CDs The new DAK Ripper will identify and name each and every track as it Rips it. So for your MP3 players you'll see the actual track name. Plus you can add a prefix of the album or artist name if you wish.

  26. MP3 Bit-Rate Control. Don't want to use the standard 128 Kbps bitrate for MP3? Now you can choose from 8Kbps to 320 Kbps to save space or improve MP3 quality. Just slide the Bit Rate Slider to choose what you want. It's easy and fast. And now if you want 64Kbps for Ring Tones, you can get that too.

  27. MP3 Player. Now you can set up playlists or just play your MP3 files with the new included easy to use, super small MP3 Player. You can launch it from the Tools Menu. It's fully programmable and you can either Just enjoy your music or use it to test your results. You can of course play anything in the Wave Editor, but the new tiny MP3 player let's you have full programmability and and ultra-small desktop footprint too.
Free Step-By-Step Tutorial eBook Guide
Included When You Order.
Download It Now With The Editor.

Click To See The Online Version

This is important. If you can hear it, now you can record, copy and edit it. Now you can record from any source that you computer supports.
Use Line In for LPs, 45s and cassettes. Use 'What You Hear' or 'Stereo Mixer' for Internet Streaming Audio, Games or the soundtracks to movies you watch.
Use Microphone if you hook up a mike. Or, use any other selection your sound card supports to capture your recordings.
"I love this!
I am making a video of my vacation & now the music fits the photos!
Thank you"

A.W. Salt Lake City, UT           >>> Click for more.
This recorder automatically polls your sound card and gives you a drop down menu of every source that's available to you. It does it all for you automatically so you can simply focus on recording, editing and well collecting the music you want to build your collection.

What Can You Record?
In short everything that you can hear through your computer. Record so you own it all permanently. Record so you can time and place shift your listening.
And record so you can listen in your car, your office or your bedroom. Now you'll build the music and spoken word collection you've always wanted.
You Can Record:
  • Live Record From Microphone.
  • Record your Band, Group or Orchestra.
  • LPs, 45s, Cassettes and tapes
  • Streaming Internet Audio & Radio
  • Music videos
  • Subscription Content (the sound)
  • Website sounds and music
  • Spoken word Streaming Seminars.
  • Sounds From Games
In short, if it plays through or into your computer, now you can record it with just a single click. And you'll record it all with CD quality in either regular audio CD Format (.WAV) or MP3 format. It's up to you.

"Dan, by God, I believe I've got it!

I cut my first baton twirling routine song for next week's new class. I saved it in CD quality and it sounds great on the burned CD.

[Note: Here she needed to remove 45 seconds from a song so it would be the correct length for a competition. It's easy to do with the Wave Editor. DK]

I will let all the other twirling coaches know about your wonderful product.

The customer support is fantastic as opposed to when you buy something more expensive from a store.

Thanks for everything!"

M.E. Southampton, NY             >>> Click for more.

Hassle free CD burning.  Your computer came with a CD burner and a program to run it. And that's fine. But many of the programs do so many different things that it's hard to figure out just how to do what's needed to make great sounding audio CDs that will play in your car, home and portable CD players.

Important Tip. There are two things you've got to do and as you can see in the above picture I've put them on the main screen.
Thing 1.
You have to choose to close/finalize the disc or it won't play on normal CD players. I've set up this burner to do that for you automatically.

Thing 2. Not all CD players will play your CDs if you burn at full speed. So if your CD writer allows it, cut your burn speed to about 1/2 the max you see in the pull down box above.
OK, as you can see I've done this 1000s of times so I've got just about all of your potential problems whipped.

Finally, you can burn from DAK's Preserved Track Order System you get in our playlist manager. It's the best. And, you can just add tracks or whole folders of tracks. It's all up to you and it shows you how many tracks or how much space you've got to fill up your CD. And best of all the included DAK burner won't conflict with other burners you have on your computer already. So, it's hassle free burning from now on. No headaches, no problems. Just burn flawless audio CDs. See more and the MP3 CD Burner too.
Click for the BIG Pictures page.

Be empowered. If you can hear it you can record it. If you've recorded it you can edit it and make it perfect.
Remove the annoying commentary between songs. Split tracks effortlessly. And make easy fast and perfect Intros and Exits every time.
Try the FULLY FUNCTIONAL Recorder & Editor for 5 days during the trial period before we send you the permanent unlock code. If for any reason you aren't 100% thrilled, with recording & editing everything you can hear in BOTH MP3 and Wave standard audio formats, just let us know BEFORE we send the unlock code and you'll get a courteous refund from us.
To order your MP3 And Wave Full Featured Recording Studio For Your Computer With Track Splitting, and much more PLUS get the Tutorial eBook all about How To Do Wave Editing risk free with your credit card, click the Buy Link below. It's just $19.95. Order No 2050. Or, add the Optional DAK Integrated CD Burner for just $5. The Editor with the burner is just $24.95. Order No. 205092 ($0 P&H) (CA res. add tax)

It's a whole new world of having all of your music with you all of the time wherever you are whenever you want, even at home once you've used this powerful MP3 & Wave Recorder and Editor to capture everything you can hear on your computer.
You're just a click away from recording anything you can hear. Once this powerful recording and editing studio system is on your computer, you'll be capturing and perfecting everything you hear.

No P&H. No Service Charges. No Extra Changes. No come-ons. None.
Get 62 Free Sound Effects - $194 Value
Not Cheap 1 Bark Wonders!
Extra – Extra – ADDED Bonus.
Personalize your computer's system sounds. It's now super easy with our 62 professional sound effects or extract just the themes from your favorite songs you've copied from your LPs and cassettes to personalize your incoming 'you’ve got mail' and other sounds.
Get It With $24.95 Editor with Burner.
Get It With $34.90 Editor with Burner Plus EQ.

You Get All These Sounds And More. See The List.
Yes, get 62 professional digital royalty free sound effects that I paid $194 for, absolutely free. Not Short 1 bark wonders. These are complete sound effects some over 1 minute long that you can edit, extract and use to personalize your computer's sounds, in your live recordings, with your LP & Cassette copies and so many other ways. Check it out by Clicking Here.

$$$ SPECIAL SAVE 28% $$$
Get DAK's Wave Editor Recorder and The Recording Equalizer Software Suite.
It's a $41.90 value (here on the site) that's yours for just $29.90 when you get BOTH programs for an instant download together right now. Includes 2 in-depth tutorial eBooks.

Here's What You Get:

DAK Wave Editor Pro (Described above)- If you can hear it on your computer you can record and edit it. Separate tracks, take out voices, make live recordings, set & forget timed recording.

DAK Recording Equalizer - Detonate individual frequency bands in your music to make your music explode with newfound life. Automatically Record (Multiple Tracks At Once) new equalized enhanced copies of your tracks. Click To See.

FLASH - Instant 'How-To' Movie. Just click. No downloads. It plays right on your web page. See and hear all the action. Click To See The Recording EQ Movie.
Just Click the Buy Button to Get BOTH of DAK's programs, The Wave Editor/Recorder and the Recording Equalizer plus the 2 eBook Tutorials as an instant download NOT FOR $41.90, but for just $29.90 ($0 P&H). Order No. 2063. CA res add tax.

Get BOTH Programs Save 28%
Wave Editor & Recording Equalizer
Instant Download
Not $41.90,
Just 29.90 - Order No. 2063 - ($0 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0
5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it Just email cs@DAK.com and say Refund with 5 days.

Get BOTH Programs Plus Burner & Sound Effects
Wave Editor & Recording Equalizer
Plus Integrated CD Burner
Tune Library Jukebox
Voice Over PRO
Instant Download
Includes $194 Pro Sound Effects
Not $46.85,
Add $5 Just 34.90 - Order No. 206392 - ($0 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0
5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it Just email cs@DAK.com and say Refund with 5 days.

Here Is Your Wave Editor
Without The EQ Suite
DAK MP3 & Wave Recorder & Editor
Instant Download
Just $19.95 - Order No. 2050 - ($0 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0
5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it Just email cs@DAK.com and say Refund with 5 days.

Here's the Editor + Burner & $194 Of Sound Effects
DAK MP3 & Wave Recorder & Editor
Plus Integrated CD Burner
Tune Library Jukebox
Voice Over PRO
Instant Download
Includes $194 Pro Sound Effects
Add $5 Just $24.95 - Order No. 205092 - ($0 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0
5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it Just email cs@DAK.com and say Refund with 5 days.

Minimum System Requirements
CPU 800Mhz Pentium 2, 3, 4 & AMD Equivalents
Windows Vista, XP, ME, 2000 &98SE
RAM 128/MEGs Or 256MEGs XP
Desktop or Tower Computer.
Sorry No MACs
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Important: DAK's MP3 & Wave Recorder is not intended for use in circumventing copy protection mechanisms or for making illegal copies of copyrighted content. Just because you have the ability to copy anything doesn't mean you should copy everything.

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What Do You Know?
???Daily Quiz???
This is question 1 of the MP3 Quiz.

Click the link below to take the whole Quiz.

Q: How much SMALLER are MP3 files than regular CDs?
Hey Drew - Who Cares?

Take Your DAK Quiz!

Drew's Quick Take Review

At a Glance:
If you can hear it you can record it. Record your LPs 45s Streaming Audio and more with just a single click. But it's the 'see what you're doing' editing and track splitting that makes this program so easy to use.

•One Click Record Grabs everything.
•Visually seeing exactly what you hear makes it easy to edit.
•Playlist Manger Preserve Track Order is Unique.
•Instant Print Track Lists is awesome.
•Fade+ & Fade- work perfectly for Intros & Exits.
•Converting Wave to MP3 is really easy.
•Equalizes volume for you between tracks from different records.
•None This Time-Really
•But, it would be neat to have 6 channel capability for some group masters.

Quick Conclusion: Or Why This Product
Recording and Separating tracks is incredibly easy. Nobody has ever organized tracks, normalized them and printed them from anywhere on your computer. Plus, by getting rid of the #%#*% talking between tracks my enjoyment improvement is staggering. Plus it edits BOTH MP3 & Wave Files which is rare.

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